Spruce I had pulled out a few different scraps from my fabric bin to play with. I was thinking a small something something. Nothing big. Quick. Easy. Small. Well, my hands were cold. Really cold. And it hit me! Sewn fingerless gloves! Not exactly the easy peasy tiny project I planned, but very well worth it. I dug around in what I had pulled out of the bin and bingo! Felted sweater scraps. Perfect. I had one that was the shoulder section, then another that was the bottom ribbing and a sleeve. Hmm, how to make this work. Well I figured it out and work it did! Now my hands are all toasty while I work! Spruce as in the color as well as sprucing up some old sweaters!



I really like these and was thinking about making some more to put into the shop. What do you think? Would you like to see more handmade things in the shop? If you have seen something I’ve made that you would like to see it the shop, just let me know, I take all comments very seriously and personally. Actually that’s how Craft Leftovers started and that’s how I decided to start selling kits in the first place. Comments. They are a bloggers bread and butter :)

And of course, because yes I will bug you about this everyday it’s in the shop (until Friday), go pick yourself up an issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly!

So without further ado, check out Craft Leftovers Monthly here:

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And with that. I’m going to go do some cleaning (15 minutes a day makes a happy home). Then I’m going to play in the studio until Jason gets home. Oh which, the soup last night, totally awesome. Jason helped me out so we made it in just 40 minutes and this morning it was ready to go. It was a throw every on sale veggie and everything in the pantry, freezer, and frig into the pot soup. Delish!

See you all tomorrow! Have a good night! Happy Crafting!