zippermend04 I was going to tell you all about how I
finished my skirt today, but it slipped my mind that today was the day
I needed to go to the ER to get my stitches taken out. No harm done
though, while waiting I started mending my friend’s bag and realized,
hey, this is a good thing to know how to do. So instead of a skirt, we
get to see how you can fix a zipper and some mending tips in general.

I really like mending items, it’s an instant gratification project.
Usually a mending job can be finished in under a half hour and it’s
like you finished a whole huge project. And a lot of times, it’s
restoring to usefulness something that is loved. Each project is
unique and has a different solution. Sure you can learn the tricks of
“this type of problem needs this kind of solution”, but I love looking
at that gaping hole in a pair of pants and figuring out what would be
the best way to make it new again.

My friend was telling me about her favorite purse and how the fabric
ripped right by the zippered side pocket. She likes the purse so much
that she just kept using it that way. I’m happy to say that she now
has a functioning zipper pocket and will be back in her loving hands


The Mending Delihma: fabric tore next to the zipper (the seam didn’t
just bust) and then the fabric proceeded to fray.

The Mending Method:

I cut a strip of denim and placed it where the fabric used to meet up
with the zipper and stitched it so it was secured between the bias
tape and zipper. (pinned pictured above, denim pictured below)


Then I pinned the fabric to the denim and stitched it to the denim,
but away from where it was frayed. I actually did two passes back and
forth to help keep the fabric from fraying any further.


Then I whip stitched the frayed edge to the denim and bias tape. This
does two things. First it helps to keep the fabric from fraying
further and then it also helps preserve the original look of the bag.


And at the end, we have a mended zipper:


Hooray for mending!

Happy Crafting!