Inspired by my newly restrung clothesline holder, I made my own clothes pin bag. Start to finish this project took about 20 minutes – and that’s with the figuring out part too!


I love the fabric I used for this bag, it’s a vintage drape circa 1970. It’s a thick woven cotton and I’ve been holding on to it for three years now. I keep turning to it every time I go to make a project and just hadn’t found the “right” project for it. The texture of the fabric and the stripes limit it to a certain type of item.

When I went to make this clothespin bag I went through the piles of leftovers and stash and this time, when I put my hand on this particular piece, I knew the time had come to snip into it. The perfect project for this perfect fabric! Here’s how I made it:

clothespinbag01 copy

1 drape or curtain with curtain rod channel intact
1 metal wire hanger

Sewing machine
Iron (press your fabric before working with it if it’s a wrinkled mess)
Sewing needle and thread for a little hand stitching
Bolt cutters or needle nose pliers and loads of elbow grease

clothespinbag02 copy



And that’s it, you are all set! Fill it with clothespins – I found that 100 is a nice number to have and that will cost you about $4.

Now go enjoy using that solar energy and save yourself some money.

Happy crafting!