Oh the lovely Legacy thrift shop in Sebastopol California! One of my readers replied to my call to meet up with me in San Francisco, well, not really SF, but actually she suggested that I come visit her town and she could show me around her favorite craft shop. And what a Craft Shop it is! Meet Amy and me enjoying being surrounded by mountains of fabric, rick rack, embroidery, and any other craft supplies you could imagine. It Was Amazing! It was cheap!

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Did I mention patterns are only 25 cents and what’s that you say? “I’m sure this fabric has to be expensive, like a boutique vintage craft shop”. Nope, not at all!


The Legacy is actually a non profit thrift shop run by the kindness of donations and volunteers. All the profits go towards the senior center and the local community! How amazing is that. So since everything in the shop is donated, it’s all actually really low cost! Just $2 per a pound for fabric! Did you read that? $2 per a pound! The cost is not by a yard, they just weigh it and there you go. It’s so fun to walk around making piles and digging through stacks of other people’s leftovers.

And lucky me, Amy told me to come up on Monday – when the fabric is only $1/lb! Amazing! I’ve been saying amazing a lot this post. I can not help it. I ended up with 2 great things of ribbon, 4 patterns that were only 5 cents each, and 6lbs of fabric, all for under $20! Awesome!


The ladies are super nice in the shop and told me all about their store and their projects. It was such fun. Here is some more official information on the shop:

“After many years of sewing and selling the things she made, Bess, a successful seamstress and crafter passed away. Her family decided to donate a portion of her fabrics and craft supplies to the Sebastopol Senior Day Program. This gift began a “legacy” that would create an ongoing opportunity in the community of Sebastopol.

“In 1995, volunteers were organized, to set up and run a local shop that would use such donations to raise money. The profits from that shop would benefit what is now called the Sebastopol Area Senior Center”.

They have regular monthly specials, sell handmade goods on consignment with an unheard of 30/70 split (the maker gets 70%), and then carry pretty much every craft supply you can think of. You can read more about Legacy on the senior center website, which has a map, directions, phone number and volunteering information.


If you live anywhere near Sebastopol, you must go here to and see how amazing it is for yourself. It’s for a great cause – the community and all our crafting habits :)

I took the 2 hour bus ride to go there (amongst other fun things I did that day with Amy), but I would do it all again just to go to the shop. It would be a fun day trip for you and a few friends. Split the gas money and it would be worth it.

Another great place that you can go visit is a shop full of vintage clothing of just about any period and style you could imagine – Amy, leave a comment with the name, I totally can not remember it. It was also amazing.

Thank you again Amy for taking me around that day. I love your beautiful town! Happy travels to you this summer.

And happy crafting to all of you too! Do you have anything like this in your home town? Share the names and the word. These places need all of our support, from the townies to the travelers. Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite local craft/yarn shop is.