I have a super power, one you may have too. One that I had forgotten until last night. I can knit and read at the same time. One may think (as Jason pointed out), that this would lead to slow reading and dismal results, but that is not the case. In the process of busying my hands, I empty my mind and seem to make it completely receptive to whatever words are in front of me.

Perfect Superpower Knitting Projects

  • Pillow tops
  • Sweaters in the round
  • Simple ribbed socks
  • Wash clothes
  • Log cabin afghans (or pillows or dishcloths)

This very thing is how I read over 30 pages a day of art history back in college. I remember now putting my giant book on my kitchen table, weighting down the pages, and knitting my way through several chapters. And I never failed any test. In fact, I tended to get all the questions and the extra credit right. I swear a good part of the division between myself and my peers is that I actually did all the reading so when it came time for the lectures, I already had a good grasp of what we were talking about, which made it easier to remember dates and names.


Now, knitting superpowers are limited. I can’t knit anything where count matters, or there is all kinds of fancy stitch work. No cables or lace here. No. Stockinette or a simple slip stitch pattern is king. And rectangle or knitting in the round is your friend.


Anyway, so back to the present. I love to knit, but since I’m no longer a full time pattern writer and it’s not my job it’s been relegated to guilty pleasure land. I feel guilty just sitting and knitting when I know I have an insurmountable pile of things to do around the house and for Little Woods.

But, I’m also currently enrolled in the Herbal Academy’s Intermediate level certificate (which is job related, because I teach classes on herbalism and we sell home apothecary supplies). So last night, as I was slogging through 100 pages on how pee is made, I remembered… I could be knittttttttting! And now instead of slogging, I’m filled with joy at the prospect of learning about the urinary system!

And when I get this honeycomb pillow top finished up, I’ll post the pattern for you all so you can enjoy a knitting superpower project first hand.

Until Next Time!

Kristin M Roach