This weekend I started the daunting task of digging through the remaining few shelves of stuff at my folks house. I am resolved to go through at least a few boxes every time I visit. This weekend I made it through 3 shelves of “stuff”. You know how you move out of your folks for college, but in your new place (dorm or small apartment) there is never enough room to store all the stuff from your childhood? Then you finally graduate and get a “place of your own” and you will be there in a more permanent way. Time to clear the clutter from my parents’ home. I don’t want to be in my 40’s and still have a box of teenage angst under my teenage bed at my parents. Anyway, this weekend I started in the garage, which used to my studio when I lived there. I have one bookcase of boxes in there.


I was delighted to find not teenage angst paintings (yeah, there were some of those in there too), but these great sewing kits made by my Great-grandma Alida.


And this great scissor holder made by my grandma – I think this one (with the original scissors) was the one she kept in her side table by the couch where she did most of her reading, smoking, and crocheting.


I just love these pin cushions, they are actually little bits of garter stitch folded over, and then tucked into each other to make the pin cushion. I think I want to write up the pattern for this, it’s such a great way to use up little bits of leftover yarn. The scissor holders too.


Did you see that pretty crocheted piece in the first picture? My grandma was working on it and I found that in her “works in progress” bin when she passed away. I think I’m going to add it to my works in progress basket and finish it up.

And I think I want to add a third generation to this plastic canvas collection. I’m not sure what though. What’s your favorite plastic canvas project? Maybe a business card holder that looks like a cassette tape?

And that’s it for today. I’m working on the final article writing for the September issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly tonight and better get back to it. Which reminds me, make sure to check it out:

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I have a really great book review lined up for tomorrow that I think you will really enjoy. So I’ll see you then!