I wear my lady moss mittens on walks, outdoor excursions, going to class, etc. Basically when I know that I will be outside for more than five minutes. It’s my fingerless mittens that I wear just about everywhere else. To the store, in class, in my apartment, to the mail box, taking out the trash. Unfortunately, being my first project ever made from a pattern, they are starting to show a lot of wear. Not to mention the fact that they are lime green, a perfect color really, but lately I have been leaning to more neutrals, reds, blues, and sage green (am I getting old and dull at just 24 years old?). Not to mention the fact that I have a friend who would just love a pair too! Hence the duo pattern, crochet for me, knit for her. Try out both and give a pair to a friend and keep one for you!

Fingerless Mittens

Download the pattern here (pdf).

Also, I just wanted to let you know that some new things will be going into the shop today. In fact, I’m going to eat a late lunch and get cracking on that. And although not new, I changed up the way I list the Honey Bunny Kits. Before I was listing them individually by color. Well now you can choose your own color! Hooray! Just let me know what color you would like when you place your order by writing it in your comments field.

Another thing, because of the pressing intensity of Christmas crafting, and that I am out of school and can dedicate more time to CL, there will be a midweek pattern the next two weeks. Now the thing is that it will be a mini pattern.

For instance:

Bookmarks and Journals: lots of ideas written out about how to make them, some drawn templates for embroidery/cut paper/rubber stamp cutting to decorate them and templates on different common sizes. As well as links to tutorials and books on making them. The other thing I will be adding is links to etsy sellers that sell neat-o bookmarks and handmade journals, if you are pressed for time and just want to buy some.

Main point, these mini-mid-week-get over hump day and enjoy the handmade bliss-patterns will be mostly quick ideas for quick crafting as well as a place to showcase, ?maybe interview?, etsy sellers and other bloggers with a focus on recycling/inventive use of old materials into new things.

I figure I’ll try it out over the next two weeks and see how it goes. If it goes well, then I might just make it a regular thing starting next year. Yikes! I’m really excited about it because I think it will be really fun… for all of us!

So next week is bookmarks and jounals, the week after market bags/sustainable shopping. If you have a shop that sells items along those lines, let me know and I’ll link up. If you have a free tutorial or pattern on the topics send that along too. Just email your info to craftleftovers@gmail.com. Please include your name and a link to your shop.

Have a great weekend!

++Kristin Roach++

ps – don’t forget, clm is going on sale next sunday! Get ready because it’s going to be the most rockingest issue yet! I’m serious too! You will see why when I post it. Promise.