I know I know, no posts forrrever, then boom. Two in one night. But I have big news, and different topics and I really wanted to let you all know about it.


This weekend, if you happen to live in the central Iowa area, you really need to come check this out. I’m one of 12 installation artists in an event called Art Vacancy Free Floating this weekend. We are all created non-invasive temporary installations that take on issues relevant to the natural surroundings.

Each artist is creating a monumental work. Some people are doing paintings (how in the river you might ask? well, you’ll just have to come see), others sculptural, others are doing performances. And you have to physically get on the water, in a boat or tube, and float on by to see it. It’s not approachable from land – for the most part anyway. It’s a 3 mile stretch and takes about 3 hours to experience. It’s going to be amazing. Amazing.

… if the weather and water levels cooperate. My fingers are so crossed. This is our rain date because we had some flooding here in the midwest that caused the river to surge to unsafe art making/floating levels. Such is the nature of art in nature.

All the details and information and updates (on rain dates and the like) are on the facebook event page.


What am I doing for my project? I’m upcycling the structure from the Cyclical show this past summer. This is what it looked like installed in the gallery. I broke it apart, took out the lights, rewired it so it’s water proof, and hooked it up so it’s battery powered. So imagine it submerged in the water.


If you want to see more of the work from that show, you can on my portfolio site. If you want to hear about my art endeavors, you can sign up for my mailing list here.

Okay, that is all. Hope to see you this weekend!

Until Next Time,

Kristin M Roach