PDF: Vol 4: Issue 2 – Craft Leftovers Zine

$ 4.00

Product Description

Note: This listing is for the electronic version of the Craft Leftovers Zine! It’s meant for on screen viewing, though you are free to print it out.

In this Issue

  • Stash Inheritancehow I have so many crafts for so cheap
  • Stash on Display: an illustrated catalog of my stash
  • Sewing Machine Inheritance: the histories of my 4 sewing machines
  • Weaving Good Fortune: My favorite inherited stash story
  • Color it: spend a little time playing with crayons
  • Egg Basket How to: My first project using my new to me basketry supplies
  • Leftover Breakfast Frittata: Using up all my dinner leftovers with a new weekend tradition
  • Home is Where the Crafts Are: Using up all those yarnie bits!
  • Stashed Memories
The Craft Leftovers Monthly Zine is designed, written, laid out and hand assembled by Kristin Roach with help from Jill Hatzer. It’s 24 pages of crafty goodness in a 5×7″ page size. The PDF version is full color and is perfect for tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and maybe even your smart phone (though a little smallish). Get inspired, inspire your friends!

In Volume 4: when you order the print version, you get instant access to the full color PDF version of the zine too! A little print love, a little instant gratification, a whole lot of crafty goodness!

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