eBook: Card.Paper.Ribbon.

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It’s lovely to give gifts, no matter the occasion. It’s also lovely to receive them. What’s less lovely is the waste material left over from the average gift: crumpled wrapping paper, knotted, kinked ribbon, and used greeting cards.

Card. Paper. Ribbon offers up truly creative ways to make use of these giftwrap leftovers:

* Turn old greeting cards into gorgeous handmade paper, and then bind it into a beautiful fabric-covered journal. What a great way to make next year’s gifts from this year’s cards!

* Transform torn and crumpled gift wrap into an oilcloth-like fabric, and then use it to sew yourself a wallet or a handy zipper pouch. Make your accessories 100% yours!

* Save all that used curling ribbon and incorporate it into your knitting and crochet. It adds strength and sparkle to a crocheted market bag and a useful knitted basket.

Card. Paper. Ribbon offers step-by-step photo instructions for six giftwrap leftover crafts, along with lots of book, magazine, and web resources to help you look at all your leftover materials more creatively. Some of these projects involve machine sewing, knitting, or crochet. Others require no special knowledge at all.

Card. Paper. Ribbon is 63 pages, formatted to read easily on your computer screen. The ebook also comes with printer-friendly pages for each project, so you can print all the instructions without using too much printer ink.


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