Vol 4: Issue 2: The Craft Leftovers Zine

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Product Description

In this Issue

  • Stash Inheritance: how I have so many crafts for so cheap
  • Stash on Display: an illustrated catalog of my stash
  • Sewing Machine Inheritance: the histories of my 4 sewing machines
  • Weaving Good Fortune: My favorite inherited stash story
  • Color it: spend a little time playing with crayons
  • Egg Basket How to: My first project using my new to me basketry supplies
  • Leftover Breakfast Frittata: Using up all my dinner leftovers with a new weekend tradition
  • Home is Where the Crafts Are: Using up all those yarnie bits!
  • Stashed Memories

In Volume 4: when you order the print version, you get instant access to the full color PDF version of the zine too! A little print love, a little instant gratification, a whole lot of crafty goodness!

The Craft Leftovers Monthly Zine is designed, written, laid out and hand assembled by Kristin Roach with help from Jill Hatzer. It’s 24 pages of crafty goodness in a 5×7″ page size. Color Cover, black and white insides. Perfect for pockets, purses, and pouches. Get inspired, inspire your friends.

Craft Leftovers is print locally at Heuss Printing. They are FCS/SFI Certified. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. They purchase from responsibly managed forests and soy ink is vivid and unlike oil, is a renewable and sustainable source of color.

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Additional Information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x .125 in