Craft Leftovers Monthly Vol 2:3

$ 7.50

Product Description


This month Craft Leftovers Monthly is taking a nice long look into the world of plush! Recycled stuffing, knitting, crochet, stitching, and a little corned beef and cabbage for good measure! Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

+Knit a panda bear
+Crochet a Tiger Cat
+Stitch a Lion from the imagination of etsy user absolutelysmall
+Learn about Art Tales’ creative process 
+And the best recycled materials to use for the plush we love the most. 
+So much more, but it’s a surprise! 

Craft Leftovers Monthly is printed on 100% recycled paper. It is 36 pages of crafty goodness. Two guests grace each issue’s pages and the Crafty Life Comic is a regular feature.Craft Leftovers Monthly is all about making with what you have on hand. Living life Creatively!